For about 4 people

This super simple dish is very easy to make, for the experienced BBQ'er this is provides absolutely no challenge. Then why post this recipe here you ask yourself, well the explanation is as simple as the dish itself, if everyone at home enjoys BBQing, it automatically means you can BBQ more. In other words, this dish is a real kid’s pleaser and a nice ending for them after a boring dinner with mom and dad. The nice thing is that it doesn't matter how you approach it with this dish, you can vary endlessly with the taste of the jam, the chocolate and of course you could replace the blueberries for other fruit, strawberries always do well here for example. It is often the case that the adults are also interested in the marshmallow dish, in that case it is of course simple to increase the scale and make everyone happy. The advantages of having a dessert from the BBQ are therefore plentiful, a nice dessert for everyone, everyone is happy when the BBQ is lit, and because of the simplicity of the dessert you have more time for the preparation of the main course, which, of course, is what it's all about.


  • 1 roll of biscuits
  • Strawberry jelly
  • Water
  • 1 large bag of BBQ marshmallows
  • Meltable milk chocolate flavor of your choice
  • Blueberries 100 grams


  • Cast iron skillet or oven dish
  • BBQ with lid and indirect heating option
  • Heat shield for kamado use
  • Coffee mug
  • Dishes


  • Stir the strawberry jam in a bowl with some water until it has become more liquid, we aim for glue thickness.
  • Put some biscuits in a bowl and crumble them with, for example, a coffee cup, crumble enough biscuits to cover the bottom of the bowl or skillet. This will prevent the marshmallows from sticking to the bowl.
  • Prepare the fruit, you only have to wash the blueberries, but if you use something else such as strawberries, you could pre-cut them.
  • Crumble the chocolate into small pieces.
  • Fill the bowl with a layer of the crumbled biscuits.
  • Arrange the marshmallows in the bowl as you see fit.
  • Divide the berries and chocolate over the marshmallows as you wish.
  • Artistically drizzle some jam over the bowl and it's ready to finish.



  • Heat the BBQ to 200 degrees and make sure that the dome is well heated when using a kamado.
  • Place the heat shield and then the bowl with marshmallows. When using another BBQ, it is important to ensure that the bowl is not directly over the fire, as the marshmallows will burn quickly.
  • The marshmallows will be ready to serve in about 10 to 15 minutes, make sure they puff up nicely and get some colour on them.
  • If there are any biscuits left, it is nice to hand them out to the kids as cutlery and let them scoop them out of the dish themselves.
  • Now it's time to enjoy some well-deserved rest while the kids enjoy themselves


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