Welcome to the WILDFOODCHEF website, my name is Marcel and I am a professional chef with a lot of experience in the better restaurant segment. Through this wonderful profession I have been able to specialize myself in working with open fires, BBQ`s and of course wild game. By working with my passion for these things, I noticed that there is increasing demand and interest in the knowledge and skills of preparing natural, sustainable, responsible and wild food. With this fact I finally got to work and started the WILDFOODCHEF concept.



For as long as I can remember I have had a love for good food and beautiful ingredients. As a logical consequence, I started working in the restaurant industry at a young age and started to introduce people to beautiful seasonal products from the region: fresh, pure, sustainable and of high quality. For more than 20 years these have been the basic concepts that I work with in the kitchen, this has given me a very great interest in natural ingredients, from this interest it is therefore a logical consequence for me that I work intensively with regional hunters , fishermen and farmers. Managers of Dutch nature and agricultural land ensure that our forests, dunes and soil remain in balance. Sometimes nature is not in harmony with the wildlife population. Too much damage is then done to the flora and fauna, so that the areas cannot recover from this. Damage control for farms also plays a role in this. This is the time for the fauna managers to fine-tune the population. My passion is to give a destination to these beautiful ingredients and to show and taste what you can do with local products.