For about 4 people

Now that we are fully into the winter season, the hunt in our region is extremely busy with hare hunting every week. So an objective was to produce a nice bbq recipe with hare for the site. No sooner said than done, to complete the recipe I got the idea to add a mashed potato dish from the BBQ. This is how this dish recipe was created, after preparing this this our guests and I were so enthusiastic about this that it quickly became clear that it deserved its own separate place on the site next to the preparation of hare's saddle. If you are not a fan of hare, this delicious dish can of course also be combined with an old-fashioned smoked sausage or a nice steak of your choice from the grill. The choice is yours!


  • Sweet potato 300 grams
  • Sauerkraut 250 grams
  • Parsnip 300 grams
  • Wild Food - Poultry Rub
  • Butter about 100 grams
  • Smoked bacon strips 100 grams
  • Spring onion 1 piece - garnish
  • Matured grated cheese 150 grams


  • Cast iron dish or baking dish
  • Cast iron skillet or pan for frying
  • Cooking pot
  • BBQ with lid and indirect heating option
  • Heat shield for kamado use
  • Cutting board
  • Peeler
  • Chef's knife
  • BBQ tongs
  • Colander
  • Spatula


  • Put the sauerkraut in a colander and rinse it to taste, the longer you rinse the sauerkraut the more acid you rinse away. So it sure is an matter of taste, personally I look for the middle ground here and rinse the sauerkraut thoroughly for about a minute. A little acidity is of course certainly part of sauerkraut.
  • Fill a cooking pot with water and cook the sauerkraut until al dente, drain and let the sauerkraut steam out.
  • Peel the parsnip, cut it into long strips.
  • Bring a cooking pot with plenty of water to the boil and now add the parsnip bars, cook them until done.
  • Drain the parsnips and let them steam dry.
  • Finally, we peel the sweet potato and cut it into cubes. We repeat the same process again, bring a pan of water to the boil and add the sweet potato, cook the sweet potato until tender, drain and let it steam dry.



  • Light the BBQ and bring the temperature to about 200 degrees.
  • Place the skillet directly above the fire and let it get hot, this can of course also be done with another baking pan.
  • Melt a lump of butter on the skillet, when it turns brown you can add the parsnip and fry it alternately.
  • After baking, remove the parsnips from the skillet or pan and set them aside.
  • Make sure the skillet is good again and add the bacon strips, fry them until crispy so that the fat is released properly.
  • When the bacon is fried, we add the pre-cooked sauerkraut to the bacon.
  • Stir for a while, add some butter if necessary and then add the sweet potato.
  • Now add the parsnip to the dish and mash/cut the ingredients a bit while baking with a spatula.
  • When all ingredients are nicely browned, we sprinkle the dish with the WildFood Poultry Rub, alternatively some salt and curry can be used. Although the whole will have a slightly less exciting taste, use the herbs to taste. Subtle use is my preference here, but in the end this is also a matter of taste.
  • Sprinkle with half of the grated  cheese and toss everything.
  • Spoon the whole thing into an oven dish, you can now choose to let the stew cool down and warm it up again later. If you want to eat it immediately, sprinkle the stew with the rest of the cheese.
  • Place the heat shield in the kamado or, if using another type of BBQ, provide indirect heat. A room temperature in the BBQ of between 140 and 160 degrees is fine.
  • Place the dish with stew in the BBQ and heat it just as long until the stew is hot and the cheese is nicely gratinated.
  • You can check this by pricking it with a fork, knife or skewer and feeling whether it is hot.
  • Once the dish is hot enough, cut the spring onion into thin rings on a cutting board and garnish the stew with it.

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